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The Index K150i capsule filler is ideal for filling powders, pellets and tablets, coated tablets or combinations into hard gelatin or vegetable-based capsules. The unique design of the K150i ensures dosing precision during high speed filling with a unique multiple-tampering process.

Capsule Polisher with Empty Capsule Eliminator

Design Features:

  • 120,000 capsules per hour
  • Consistent capsule separation
  • Consistent weight accuracy
  • Interlocking safety enclosure
  • Touch screen optional
  • Internal vacuum pump
  • Nitrite coated cams
  • Variable speed main motor
  • Variable speed powder motor
  • Quick and easy changeover of tooling
  • Powder, pellet, tablet filling capabilities
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Capsule Polisher with Empty Capsule Eliminator

The K150i performs the following operations automatically:

  • Feeds and orientates capsules via magazines and orientation blocks
  • Separates capsule body from the cap by means of internal vacuum pump
  • Powder slugs formed by tamping pins and dosing disc
  • Doses powder slugs via dosing pins into capsule segments
  • Automatic rejection of un-separated capsules
  • Closes and ejects filled capsules
  • Cleans capsule segments before another cycle starts
Luminer Capsule Polisher

Technical Specs:

Capsule sizes 00 to 5
Capsule types Standard hard gelatin capsules
Maximum output (capsules/hour) 120,000
Power consumption (kW) 12
Compressed air (NI/1'/cfm) 450 / 5
Vacuum (NI/1'/cfm) 800 / 300 - 900
Floor space (L x W x H) 47.5" x 51" x 91"
Net weight (lbs) 4500
Gross weight (lbs) 5000